Avon Vale UK Limited is a family owned business with humble beginnings.

It all started in 1994. The Director of the company, John Singh Rai, was originally a shop proprietor with an already great understanding of the market. John was approached by a van salesman who was struggling to keep his business afloat and wanted to sell the company. John bought this company with only a handful of stores to service at the time. ​

A few years on, John had begun running the business from his family home. With the help of his wife, they formed Avon Vale UK Limited. With only one van and their knowledge of how retail stores operate, they quickly expanded their client base, introduced new lines and filled each available space in their home with as much stock as they could.

In the year 1998, John and Jaswinder bought a warehouse in Slough where they now had a team behind them and a fleet of vehicles focused on offering the best service to the retail market.

Further into Avon Vale’s future, John had acquired another smaller business “Tea Time Treats” which currently exists as an iconic brand of Avon Vale UK Limited. He had enlisted the help of two of his sons with the new growth of the company. Tea Time Treats allowed a new sector of the business to be created, “Direct Sales” this was introduced to supply coffee shops and newsagents within London with the stock they needed right to their door at early hours of the day in order to fit around their schedule.​

Fast forward to 2011, their youngest of three children had graduated from “The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy” and joined the company business with new, innovative, fresh ideas. The business model of the company had slightly changed and Avon Vale UK Limited has now began supplying not only retail stores, but now has signed contracts with buying groups, the gift and hamper trade, multiple convenience stores, foods service companies, forecourts, garden centers, discount stores and a number of independent wholesale companies nationally.

Avon Vale UK Limited is still committed to growing while maintaining its family values and loyalty to its humble beginnings with the continued support from its customers.